Plan for 2020
First Session of the year and our Thursday sessions will run concurrently with school terms

Term 1 Thursday 30 January  thru to 9th April

Term 2 Thursday 30th April thru to 2nd July

Term 3 Thursday 23rd July thru to 24th September

Term 4 Thursday 15 October thru to 17th December


Art in the Park

16th February 10am to 4pm

Maxine Thompson's workshops for 2020

7th & 8th March  at Rotorua Arts Village. Pencil Portrait  Workshop, limited numbers  and you will need a range of pencils from hb to 8b, sketch pad, ruler and calculator.  Guaranteed to turn you into master artists!

Email  Ph  07 3489008

Debbie Heunis Weekend Workshop 

1st & 2nd August  at Rotorua Arts Village. Painting is fun and Vibrant with Debbie, introduce colour, texture and creativity to your art with a bunch of likeminded artists.   

Studio 2
Every Thursday
The Arts Village
1240 Hinemaru St
Rotorua, 3010
New Zealand


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